To Whom it may Concern,

I would highly recommend Fidelity Dealer Services to any dealer who wishes to have superior agency support. Ryan has been an asset to our dealership since we began our partnership. Bringing in programs that have given our dealership the opportunity to generate revenue in ways we haven’t before. Training and implementation of their services have been smooth and successful. He assists every department in a timely manner and ensures that we are taken care of. Ryan is on top of claims with our service department. He also works hand in hand with the accounting office on a monthly basis making sure all contracts are being processed. Continuous development is important, training the areas that need to be trained is something Fidelity has helped our dealer with. Overall, we are very pleased with Ryan and his agency and excited for what the future holds.

Bob Giaquinto
General Manager
Lexus of Route 10


To Whom It May Concern,

I highly recommend Fidelity Dealer Services, who has been an exceptional support for our dealerships for many years.

We know we can depend on the Fidelity’s professional team to assist us with increased PVR, compliance, new products, in-store development as well as classroom training for F&I, Fixed Ops, Management and Sales.  Greg Scarano and his capable staff have assisted our diverse dealerships spread out in multiple states with hiring employees, handling claims and cancellations, and even worked as temporary help when needed on a day-by-day basis or long term.  They are always willing and available to assist our dealers in a timely manner.

Fidelity has proven to be an invaluable resource for us in many ways and we are confident in recommending them to others.


David Frieder
Vice President Purchasing 
Potamkin Automotive

DCH Millburn Audi

To Whom It May Concern,

I brought on Fidelity Dealer Services n October of 2020, since then, they have provided DCH Millburn Audi, with one on one “in person” training for our finance managers.

Fidelity Dealer Services account representative monitors our service department’s claims on a weekly basis.  He provides us with a list of claims that are waiting to be paid  and the necessary paperwork needed to pay the claim.  This service has proven to be invaluable.

Their account representative is in my store on a regular basis inquiring if there is anything needed, answering questions and servicing our account.



Alfred Khouri
General Manager


To Whom It May Concern:

I highly commend Fidelity Dealer Services for being one of the best F&I Product Agencies, we’ve had the pleasure of working with. I would be very eager to recommend Fidelity to any and all Dealers. The level of professionalism, communication and F&I support is simply unmatched in the market. The use of Fidelity’s finance products in our F&I Portfolio, has truly awarded us a strong and healthy, monthly back-end structure. Our direct Rep, Ryan, picks up the phone whenever we call. No matter how minuet the request, he always seems gives us his undivided attention. Despite being on the other side of the country, Ryan is still able to work closely with our service department, to ensure claims are handled quickly and efficiently. If there are ever any discrepancies, Ryan does not hesitate to get on the phone and make a case on our behalf. Even our accounting office operates flawlessly with Fidelity. Any inconsistencies with accounting are not only resolved, but Fidelity works hand-in-hand to ensure it won’t happen again.

In closing, we are extremely happy with Fidelity Dealer Services in our Dealerships. Having an Agency, you can truly rely on, make everyone’s job here that much easier. We can focus on our tasks knowing Ryan, and the whole Team at Fidelity, are looking us for our best interests.



Eric Martin
General Sales Manager


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend the excellent services of Fidelity Dealer Services.

We have been using Fidelity as our Agency Partner for 10 years.  Since switching to FDS, we have been given Grade A support from top to bottom.  They go above and beyond to support our F&I, Service, and Office Departments with anything they might need. In particular they work hand in hand with our Service Department to ensure claims are handled quickly and efficiently.  Fidelity has helped train our F&I Department and has set us up with a portfolio of different products to fit the needs of all our customers.  They work with our Office staff to reconcile any differences in pay and get all of our cancellations processed in a timely manner.

Fidelity conducts business with professionalism and are always there to answer our calls and needs no matter what the issue.  They have provided us with a “Fill In” F&I manager when needed.  They also had their trainers come in and help the F&I Department attain their goals of higher PVR and Product Penetration.

I’m happy to recommend the services of Fidelity Dealer Services to any dealer that is looking to make a switch.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.


Jeff Wall


President of George Wall Ford Lincoln


Fidelity Dealer Services:

We’ve dealt with a number of companies through the years for our warranty products to help improve our back end, and everyone always promises us the world, yet seldom deliver on what they preach.

We are pleased to say that what Fidelity has promised us, expectations have been greatly surpassed as they continue to ‘over deliver’ for us. For example, we were down for several days in our F&I department due to illness. I called Fidelity, they had one of their people in our store the next day for those days, doing deals and selling product. Further, we had a temporary opening in F&I for 3 months, they found and placed a great F&I person for us. This is just not the norm, and we are grateful for their services.

We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Fidelity as they continue to help us in all aspects of finance where CNA didn’t.


Azi Parvez, Financial Director



I have never expressed in writing to any vendor or partner a letter of appreciation. Over the past year at Hudson Toyota, you have made such a demonstrative impact on my dealership’s results that I wanted to write you this letter to say thank you.

As you know, Hudson Toyota has high producing sales and F71 departments. At first, I was hesitant to believe you would be able to make an impact but your expert training motivated my staff and eventually moved out PVR almost $235 higher for the year. The approach you took in teaching and motivating my staff both as a group and individually made an impact in a way unlike any other training they have ever participated in. Since your training our warranty penetration has increased a full 10% and our after sale per car has gone up almost $145 PVR.

One of the most important issues within the dealership is customer satisfaction index score. With your help our customer satisfaction finance index specifically went up 5 points and this progress has enabled us to be green for the year and maintain a CSI score of 95.06 year to date.

These impacts are extremely hard to create especially when you consider we delivered almost 8,000 new and used vehicles this year. With the increase in our numbers in the finance department, our sales department was able to be more aggressive in our deal making. Between new and used, I strongly believe that your impact was not limited to our back end gross profit but to our overall volume and we were able to sell an additional 1,000 cars this year alone.

Great job this year and we look forward to your continued training at Hudson Toyota.

Wayne Schey, President
Hudson Toyota
585 Route 440
Jersey City, NJ 07305


To whom it may concern:

I am the Service Director at Linden Volkswagen.  I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Fidelity Dealer Service and their vendor Triple Protection Auto Care known as “Tri-Pac”. Over my many years of Car Dealership/Service experience, I have come across countless Warranty and aftermarket providers. My service writers could not be happier with the switch. Tri-Pac is without a doubt the easiest, most reliable provider I have used to date. Calling in a claim is simple and quick. There is never an issue getting claims approved and I am always paid in a very timely manner. My Fidelity Rep is in every week with a Tri-Pac Claims Report, showing monthly activity and assisting in closing any open ROs. I am proud to say I use Tri-Pac products and have an agent like Fidelity Dealer Services..

Rick Campbell
Service Director
Linden Volkswagon


To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Ryan McCulloh, I am the GM of Temecula Hyundai. I brought in a tire and wheel bundle product from Fidelity Dealer Services into my store two years ago. This product, which is called “Titanium”, has been a huge success. The addition of Fidelity’s Titanium has single handedly increased my PVR. We have had a solid working relationship with Fidelity in all aspects of our business. Simply put, they do what they say they’ll do. In addition to my finance managers loving their product, so does my service department. Claims are handled with ease to go along with paying full retail for the repair. I would recommend Fidelity to any dealer.


Ryan McCulloch
General Manager
Temecula Hyundai


I am very pleased with Fidelity Dealer Services. We switched to Fidelity in June of 2018. They set very high goals for us and I am pleased to say that they have not only met our goals but have exceeded them. Below are a few highlights of the improvements I have seen since partnering with Fidelity.

  • Drastically increased the number of VSC sales per month
  • Drastically increased all product sales in finance
  • On pace to increase finance department gross by over $600,000+
  • As a result of this significant backend improvement we are able to be more aggressive on the front end and as a result we have also increased vehicle sales.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

John Smith
General Manager
Smith Motor COmpany


We brought in Fidelity Dealer Services two years ago to replace JM &A. We were most interested in establishing a relationship with a vendor who would work hand in hand with our finance department, service department as well as our sales staff. In addition:

  • Fidelity helps us with hiring employees.
  • Fidelity has sent us their own finance managers to “fill in” when we were in need.
  • Fidelity comes to our dealership and trains our finance managers when needed.
  • Fidelity handles every single claim without any issues.
  • Fidelity excels in training salespeople, Service, BDC, and finance managers.

As of a result of Fidelity’s efforts, we have increased our PVR dramatically and were recently awarded the most improved Jeep Dealership in the Northeast. I highly recommend Fidelity Dealer Services.

Michael Podell
General Manager
Salerno Duane CDJR

Fidelity Dealer Services:

We brought in Fidelity Dealer Services a year ago to help us improve our back end, and I’m pleased to say that I’m glad we did. To start things off, they brought in one of their top F&I managers for two weeks while they helped us locate and filter through finance applications to find the perfect F&I manager for us. A few tweaks in the F&I process allowed this department to increase our gross exponentially. 

It didn’t stop there.  Fidelity has helped us not only in training Finance, but also assists with training sales and service. New products were introduced to not only help the customer buying experience, yet also assist us with customer retention.  That is what we call a true win/win.  

Fidelity works hand in hand with the office in order to make sure all business is processed and accounted for. In service, they work with our advisors to make sure we are always taken care of with claims and are on top of any that arise. All around we are very happy with Fidelity Dealer Services and would recommend them to any dealer who would like to increase their PVR. 


Renee McGuire
Dealer Principal


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to share a little background about Fidelity Dealer Services.  Greg Scarano, the founding principal, has been in the business since the early 80’s and is highly regarded as the industry’s best “product guy.”  The knowledge he brings to the table along with the ability to personally train the finance managers is, in my opinion, unparalleled. 

To date, we are up over $300 PVR and finance now has new products to sell which has increased traffic thru our service department as a result. In addition to Fidelity’s one on one training they provide a ” fill in ” when we have people out on vacation. Instead of the finance department suffering a setback while our lead F&I manager is out, Fidelity provides a fully trained finance manager to fit right in. We were able to deliver cars as usual.

In closing, We are very, very satisfied with Fidelity Dealer Services


Michael Rossi
Dealer Principal

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