What We Do!

Working with Fidelity Dealer Services, is more than working with just another product provider.  It is a promise that through our proven practices and determination, we will increase every financial aspect of your dealership.

The success of Fidelity Dealer Services is perched upon our 4 Pillar principles:


Proactive Approach

As a part of our initial consultation, we always encourage running a Profit Gap Analysis. The more information we understand, the better we are at fine-tuning the details of improvement.  We will continue to be as involved as you allow, for as long as our relationship lasts. Weekly tracking and regular reporting ensures that you will never be left unaware of the progress we are making with your team!


Product Development

We know that every Dealership is not the same. For this reason, we pride ourselves on being extremely Vendor agnostic. This allows us to customize coverage platforms and tailor them to your specific needs. Furthermore, what works today may not work tomorrow. As proud members of NJCar, we are always staying on top of automotive trends and adapting with our vendors accordingly.


Performance Training

Leading by example goes a lot further than simply implementing word-tracks. Our professional trainers will not just coach your department to success, they will work with live customers to show the strength of programs and prove that every deal is an opportunity to make money! As an added benefit to our Dealers, we offer Training Seminars, either onsite or at our Training Facility in Houston.


Process Driven

To guarantee results, we stick close to our proven processes. Every one of our weekly visits is followed up by a Dealer Summary; a highlight of what we have accomplished for the day and a detail of our objectives to come.

Ready to Explore New Possibilities?

Please contact Fidelity Dealer Services at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you, one on one, to determine a plan of action tailored to your dealership’s needs. We look forward to working with you soon!